I guess I’m back?

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, like a lot while, since I posted on this blog. I was on nearly-2-year hiatus. So much has happened since late 2017. But I’m excited to be back and I hope this is for good. So here’s what I’m sharing today…

God wants you to know that you’ve got what it takes.

God won’t give you more than you can handle.

Although there may have been times you thought the world was caving in on you,

you got through it.

You are much stronger than you think and with God’s power,

you are stronger than you can imagine.

So charge ahead, you can handle it.


Day of Peace

I believe God wants you to know that…

Today is the day of deep peace for you.

Deep peace of the running wave to you.

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.

Deep peace of the flowing air to you.

Deep peace of the shining star to you.

Living in Humility

Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life. – Proverbs 22:4

Humility is not sought out in our culture. We elevate the assertive person, the concise thinker and even the boastful. However, this proverb along with the first nine chapters points out that it is humility that places us in true submission to God. Our Christian faith should urge us towards reverence and submission to a Holy God. Our lives should be under lordship to Jesus. When you exhibit a humble attitude and a servant’s heart, people will desire to work for you, work with you or invite you to work for them. Humility is like a magnet; it draws opportunities to you. Having a great reputation grounded in humility and wisdom will sustain you through life.

by Dimas Salaberrios, Pastor, Infinity Bible Church, The South Bronx of New York City, Author of Street God

Praise God in ALL things

It is one thing to praise God when things are going well, but to focus on heaven when things fall apart brings a challenge that only a heart that is after God can fulfill. The Psalmist reminds us that praise is not conditioned upon our circumstances. It is so easy to try to use techniques with the underlying intent of getting something back. But God will test our hearts and, in his mercy, purify our motives to the point that our only agenda is to know Him. Make a decision to praise God in ALL things.

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. – Psalm 43:5 (NIV)

I am after all created in the image of God

Do you believe that every little part of you is magical? Because I don’t. Some parts perhaps but definitely not all of me.  If magical means extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional, outstanding, incredible, amazing, stunning, breathtaking, and the rest of all those wonderful adjectives, I might really need to excuse myself. How am I going to use those pretty things to describe myself when I know exactly where my flaws lie and what my insecurities are? How am I going to call myself remarkable when past mistakes and regrets still haunt me today? It’s incredibly challenging, right?

But because I’m created according to the image and likeness of our Almighty God, every little part of me becomes magical. Yes, even the parts that hurt, even the ones that are feeling disease right now. In spite of the awful stuff I think I’ve got, I’m still capable of a lot of things. I have the capacity to love and forgive. I have the capacity to think, reason out, make decisions, organise my thoughts and write them down, and even appreciate beauty. I can list them all down here but that will take me forever.

So whenever you feel like you’re of no value just cling onto the passage that you are made in the image of God. Remember, despite your physical flaws or sorrows, or doubts, you have some of the same attributes that God has.  You’re the only you there has ever been or ever will be.

It is alright to love what is in pain.
More than alright, that’s exactly where your love is needed the most.
So why not touch that part that hurts and smile at it, at yourself through it, and whisper: “I love you”.

5 Ways To Feel Complete When You Are Feeling Empty

Emptiness is not a good emotion but it does happen to many of us from time to time. It’s natural for us humans to feel empty. After all, feelings of emptiness, sadness, or loneliness are what make us truly human. It’s a part of the human condition. Whether we like it or not, most of us will encounter such emotion at one point in our lives, though others may encounter it too many times in the course of life.

We experience emptiness in several ways. Loss of a loved one can cause us to feel empty. Broken relationships with people we deeply adore can make us feel empty. Unfulfilled dreams and goals can lead to feelings of emptiness. And in many circumstances, when after we’ve tried everything and still we can’t find our real purpose in life, we feel incomplete, useless and empty.

Without a deep satisfaction, achieving a thorough, fulfilling contentment will be a perpetual struggle. But because God is a God of promise and truth, even if we lack a sense of purpose, fulfillment or contentment, our faith in the Good News can combat the emptiness and help us find fulfillment in Christ. So, today let me share 5 ways from Faith in the News blog on how you can feel complete even when emotions of emptiness fill you up. Continue reading “5 Ways To Feel Complete When You Are Feeling Empty”

Suddenly, we know that we are loved…

It is in the moment when we’re naked and exposed. We have surrendered to vulnerability. The abyss of shame within our hearts is a chasm that, if exposed, would surely leave to unceasing rejection. Only we know what truly lies within our hardened hearts that long for acceptance, yet acknowledge that entire acceptance would be impossible, were we fully displayed and studied. We thus deem ourselves what we know to be true within the depths of the weight that we find ourselves buried under, namely, the reality that we are unlovable. Continue reading “Suddenly, we know that we are loved…”