Suddenly, we know that we are loved…

It is in the moment when we’re naked and exposed. We have surrendered to vulnerability. The abyss of shame within our hearts is a chasm that, if exposed, would surely leave to unceasing rejection. Only we know what truly lies within our hardened hearts that long for acceptance, yet acknowledge that entire acceptance would be impossible, were we fully displayed and studied. We thus deem ourselves what we know to be true within the depths of the weight that we find ourselves buried under, namely, the reality that we are unlovable.

And yet, He knows the lies our hearts are riddled with, what falsehood we chant to ourselves. Said falsehood is surely not that we are unlovable, as we are indeed unlovable, but that we are unlovable to Him – that is the falsehood. The lie that beats in our hearts with heavy rhythm is the lie that He will call us unlovable. Though our state is unlovable because of the true corruption that decays our souls, He will not refuse to call us lovable, as that would mean contradicting His very character. He is entirely good. Entirely just, yes, as He knows the corruption of our minds, yet that is what makes Him good: He knows, and yet, He loves. He looks beyond the filth of our being, and, without excusing it, loves. That is who He is. And of course the corruption could not be neglected. But that is where our vulnerability can die, because He understands vulnerability; He learned it when He became naked and vulnerable, when He became our corruption to atone for our corruption. Thus, our corruption is pardoned because He looked beyond it AND became it, because He loved us.

This is the moment we savor. We can open ourselves like an exposed wound because we actually realize there is healing and intimacy and warmth in honesty. He knew who we were, what our past was; He knew what we hid. But He joined us in it and became it for us. That was when the One we hid most from was the One who found us, dwelt with us, and brought us to His arms. This is where we know we can surrender. This is where we acknowledge the truth about who we are, who He is, and who we are with Him; who we are IN Him. There is no where else to hide beyond here. There is no need to hide. We were found out, yet we were found. We’re caught, yet all is well. There is no further shame, He knew us, He exposed us, but He became our shame. Shame and deception was left on the cross. All that is left is openness and oneness. Clarity. Knowing He knows us.

Suddenly, we know that we are loved.

Source: Kiss the Wave 


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