Dear Me by Nichole Nordeman

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who asked us to write a letter to our future selves in ten years. Who would we be? Where would be live? Marriage? Family? Career? What would be me most important to us and how would we find space in our lives for the things we claimed to cherish and value?

Then, he mailed those letters to us, ten years later. There was significant eye rolling, as you might imagine, when I opened mine. All the hard won wisdom of a sheltered, privileged 18 year old white girl, dreaming her dreams.

What would it feel like, now, to write a letter to my younger self, instead?

What would I want that girl to know? How could I help her sidestep some mistakes or see the world or her faith with different eyes? Continue reading “Dear Me by Nichole Nordeman”

The Puzzle

“And when the day comes and you find you’re holding the last piece, a piece that resembles a tiny droplet of water, you’ll notice the only place left for the piece to fit is on the very face of Jesus Christ. As you take your last breath and the final piece of your puzzle slips into place, you’ll realize the water droplet is a tear belonging to Jesus.

You see, He is so pleased, so deeply moved that you believed in Him, you asked Him for help, and now you’re finally home.

What a glorious picture that will be.”

Training for Eternity


If you think about it, your life is like a puzzle.  You gather pieces as you grow, as you move forward in life, and learn about who you are.  You begin collecting them from the first, “Why am I here?” to the last breath you take.

But you don’t know what the end picture is going to look like.  Not really.  You can dream of course, even take all the pieces you can find and try to force them to make the picture you want.

Take it from me.  That doesn’t work.

I wanted to be a nurse until microbiology came into my life.  I drove to Nashville to be a songwriter until reality smacked me in the face and asked, “Do you really want to do this?”  I decided not to accept the flight attendant position when I learned I would need to drop my life the instant I was…

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Living in Humility

Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life. – Proverbs 22:4

Humility is not sought out in our culture. We elevate the assertive person, the concise thinker and even the boastful. However, this proverb along with the first nine chapters points out that it is humility that places us in true submission to God. Our Christian faith should urge us towards reverence and submission to a Holy God. Our lives should be under lordship to Jesus. When you exhibit a humble attitude and a servant’s heart, people will desire to work for you, work with you or invite you to work for them. Humility is like a magnet; it draws opportunities to you. Having a great reputation grounded in humility and wisdom will sustain you through life.

by Dimas Salaberrios, Pastor, Infinity Bible Church, The South Bronx of New York City, Author of Street God

My Plans Will Never Be Enough

“Keep the faith, loved one.

Step back, take a deep breath and soak up all of the joy that comes from knowing that the all powerful, creator of the universe not only has the knowledge of what is best for you, but will help you find it and make it your reality.

Without Him, our plans will never be enough. With Him, we will prosper in ways only He can imagine.”

For Love & Grace

I am so thankful that my plans will never be enough.

I have always been the girl with a plan.

The girl who knew the exact path her life was going to take and the exact decisions I would make to ensure I got the most out of this beautiful, crazy existence.

I would sit up at night stressing and dwelling on what the next month, the next year, or the next chapter would entail.

The problem with my thinking was that I foolishly put my ability to know what was best for me ahead of God’s all-knowingness.

I ignored the obvious signs and hints from Him that maybe I was not making the best decisions.

I ignored His voice in my head whispering:

“Hey beloved, you’re worth more than this, the plans I have for you are so much more vast than you could even imagine.”

I woke up…

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The Monster in the Closet

“And when it comes to fear, your Heavenly Father will lead you to that closet and open the door. With one hand firmly holding yours, He will turn on the light to reveal what is lurking inside: Nothing. There is nothing to fear when His hand is in yours.”

Training for Eternity


My first known fear surfaced when I was about four years old. I believed there was something evil lurking in my closet and if I took my eyes off of it to go to sleep, it was going to get me.  I’d lie awake and stare at the door knob, just waiting to see it slowly turn and this “thing” jump out at me.  Eventually I’d fall asleep only to have nightmares of twisted faces, contorted and monstrous looking.  I’d scream and wake everyone in the house.

Then I grew up.

Satan would love it if you and I live in fear; if we’re so fixed on that fear that we don’t look anywhere else. Or if we give in to that fear and give up, stop trying, believe something is just too hard, too big for us to accomplish.  The enemy wants us to fail.  Do you really understand that?  Satan…

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Four Things You Can’t Recover!

So, I’ve learned to make the MOST of my time. Forget what others might think. They are not living YOUR journey!

Moving forward, my HOPE for you is that your regrets become FEWER and that your happiness GROWS exponentially!

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to spend doing anything other than what fills your soul with PEACE, LOVE, and MUCH JOY!

Remember that our days are LONG.

BUT our years are SHORT!




 The stone . . . after the throw.

 The word . . . after it’s said.

 The occasion . . . after it’s missed.

 The time . . . after it’s gone.

Regret! We’ve all toiled with this word.  Whether it’s over a period of months, years, OR whether it’s immediate.  We’ve all felt regret at one point or another.


I recently read an article of a man that lived across the street from a junkyard and painted on the wall facing the street it said “Take the stones they throw at you and use them to build your castle.”

Let’s begin to FOCUS not on what’s been broken, but rather what we can make anew.  And although it is a fact that we cannot take that stone back.  It is never too late to apologize to someone or to forgive ourselves for…

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