4 Reasons Why Traveling with Kids is Important

My first son was just 5 months young when we first traveled out of town as a family. Since my husband doesn’t share the same hometown as mine, it has been part of our yearly plans to go back to his hometown for at least three times a year. Located just off the southern part of Negros Island, Manjuyod can be traveled by land for approximately 5 hours only, including the 20-minute boat ride, from Cebu City.  Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Traveling with Kids is Important”


I Want My Boys to be Friends…Forever…But How?

So my boys, 29 months apart, are the best of friends but also the best of enemies. They’re friends for like an hour but enemies the rest of the day. They’d be shouting because they’re having so much but they’d also be screaming at each other because they could no longer agree with how their “play” is going. Most probably because the older one is teasing the younger one or the younger one is snatching toys from the older one, and as it turns out I’m almost always correct even if I’m in the other room. This has actually been their routine and the reason why they couldn’t last an hour having fun… Continue reading “I Want My Boys to be Friends…Forever…But How?”