Forgiving yourself shouldn’t be as hard as you think it is


Not everyone is strong enough to forgive themselves straightaway, even after the people they have done wrong have forgiven them, and even after the God Almighty has forgiven them. Some keep those awful emotions around them like a blanket, covering their entire body and refusing to cease the wailing – to the point of uselessness.

If you’re one of those who finds it hard to move on from past mistakes, how are you keeping up with your life then? This is a curious question so please don’t get offended. Everyone messes up, the greatest of all saints have messed up, but I don’t think they have spent the rest of their lives walking down the low road of self-pity, regret, guilt and shame. What I think they did was acknowledged their mistakes, took responsibility for them with appropriate feelings of remorse, made amends, and learned from them so they don’t happen again.

I know it isn’t that easy for everyone. It might be tough for you. But it doesn’t make any sense to let your guilt drown you in shame and beat yourselves up when the Good Lord has already forgiven you. As they say, anything past the point of learning is just needless suffering and excessive guilt. You’re not only destroying yourself but your relationship with others as well. Continue reading “Forgiving yourself shouldn’t be as hard as you think it is”

Finding meaning in the storm

For those who are trained by going through hardship, it produces a harvest of righteousness. Hear this: peace, patience, endurance, love, and joy are fruits of trials. There is a harvest for those who have been trained by pain. Look at the life of any truly godly man or woman, and you will see that godliness has always been marked by trials.

We are trained by persevering through the trial and seeking the Lord and his Word in the midst of it. However, those who are not trained by it often develop strongholds. Hebrews 12:12, 13 says this: “Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. Make level paths for your feet so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed” (emphasis mine). Many develop strongholds and addictions by going through trials. It is harder for them to love, harder for them to forgive, or harder for them to have peace. They become “lame” and “disabled.” Only those who are “trained” by the trial, develop the character God wants. Continue reading “Finding meaning in the storm”

Wishful Wednesday: If only I could stop time

My second son, Benjamin (we call him Bien for short), wearing a gray shirt, loves trains and anything blue.

So my second son just turned four on Saturday. As my sons blew the candle together, (unless we want to witness a nonstop tussle over nonsense stuff for the rest of the day, the boys need to blow the candle together regardless of whose birthday we are celebrating in the family, whether it’s mine, my husband’s or my parents’) I couldn’t stop smiling and think to myself how fast time flies. I was only 22 when I became a first-time mom, pretty much fresh from college, and now I have two little men at home, with the first one entering primary school this year. Continue reading “Wishful Wednesday: If only I could stop time”

It’s never too late to take your grandparent’s advice to heart

Growing up in a much different generation from our grandparents can give us the assumptions that what we don’t have anything in common with them. They have lived longer than we have, they have overcome way too many hurdles than we have, and they definitely have, in one way or another, experienced the most difficult circumstances in life, which we are likely to encounter one day. So even if we think we’ve got nothing in common with them, they pretty much have gained enough wisdom and knowledge through time that we can take advantage of – that is, if we’ll listen to them.  Old people are not a nuisance, a contradiction, or a roadblock to pursuing our grand plans, they are just wise people who want the best for the younger generation.

So instead of rolling our eyes and showing our annoyance for their unsolicited advice, why don’t we try to listen to them with an open mind and heart. You might be surprised how a single unwanted counsel can create a profound impact in your life.

Continue reading “It’s never too late to take your grandparent’s advice to heart”

Chasing your dreams one step at a time

With 2017 right in front of us, wouldn’t it be perfect for a new year resolution to gain that much needed courage to conquer your fears. Failed plans, underachieved goals, or whatever desires you haven’t attained last year shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing them all over again this year. You see, you still have 300 more days to work for them, and if you once again fail, there’s another set of 365 days the next year and the next year after, and so on. My point is, you can always try to turn your dreams into a reality one day at a time, or if not, try to take a step closer each day until they fully become real. Continue reading “Chasing your dreams one step at a time”

It takes courage to change direction

Sometimes you may find yourself in a dilemma where you are “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”Solving such dilemmas can be quite challenging because you have no side to choose as both paths lead to suffering. But don’t be discouraged. Continue reading “It takes courage to change direction”