Forgiving yourself shouldn’t be as hard as you think it is


Not everyone is strong enough to forgive themselves straightaway, even after the people they have done wrong have forgiven them, and even after the God Almighty has forgiven them. Some keep those awful emotions around them like a blanket, covering their entire body and refusing to cease the wailing – to the point of uselessness.

If you’re one of those who finds it hard to move on from past mistakes, how are you keeping up with your life then? This is a curious question so please don’t get offended. Everyone messes up, the greatest of all saints have messed up, but I don’t think they have spent the rest of their lives walking down the low road of self-pity, regret, guilt and shame. What I think they did was acknowledged their mistakes, took responsibility for them with appropriate feelings of remorse, made amends, and learned from them so they don’t happen again.

I know it isn’t that easy for everyone. It might be tough for you. But it doesn’t make any sense to let your guilt drown you in shame and beat yourselves up when the Good Lord has already forgiven you. As they say, anything past the point of learning is just needless suffering and excessive guilt. You’re not only destroying yourself but your relationship with others as well. Continue reading “Forgiving yourself shouldn’t be as hard as you think it is”


8 Words That Can Save a Relationship

Keeping a relationship with someone you love – whether they are your parents, siblings, friends or a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend – means time, commitment and hard work. If you happen to find yourself losing grip of a good relationship you once had with people you truly treasure, there are some things you can do – actually, they come in words. Continue reading “8 Words That Can Save a Relationship”

To my fellow women, please don’t settle…

Not in a job you hate, not in a town where you don’t feel at home, not with friendships that aren’t real, and especially, especially not with love.

You deserve someone who will smile at your silly jokes, who will kiss your forehead when you’ve had a long day, and who will absentmindedly reach for your hand across the center console when he’s driving, just because he wants to feel your fingers twisted with his. Continue reading “To my fellow women, please don’t settle…”

Being Happy by Pope Francis

“You may have defects, be anxious and sometimes live irritated, but do not forget that your life is the greatest enterprise in the world. Only you can prevent it from going into decadence. There are many that need you, admire you and love you.

I would like to remind you that being happy is not having a sky without storms, or roads without accidents, or work without fatigue, or relationships without disappointments. Continue reading “Being Happy by Pope Francis”

Why You Should Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Years ago when I was pregnant with my first son, I subscribed to a couple of religious blogs from Pastor Dave Whitehead (Daily Bible Verse) and Pastor Jack Wellman (Faith in the News). Reading through their messages constantly have not only helped me to get my much needed dose of inspiration and motivation to fix my physical and spiritual needs but have also presented me an excellent opportunity to understand the Word of God better.

Continue reading “Why You Should Never Give Up on Your Dreams”

I Want My Boys to be Friends…Forever…But How?

So my boys, 29 months apart, are the best of friends but also the best of enemies. They’re friends for like an hour but enemies the rest of the day. They’d be shouting because they’re having so much but they’d also be screaming at each other because they could no longer agree with how their “play” is going. Most probably because the older one is teasing the younger one or the younger one is snatching toys from the older one, and as it turns out I’m almost always correct even if I’m in the other room. This has actually been their routine and the reason why they couldn’t last an hour having fun… Continue reading “I Want My Boys to be Friends…Forever…But How?”