Forgiving yourself shouldn’t be as hard as you think it is


Not everyone is strong enough to forgive themselves straightaway, even after the people they have done wrong have forgiven them, and even after the God Almighty has forgiven them. Some keep those awful emotions around them like a blanket, covering their entire body and refusing to cease the wailing – to the point of uselessness.

If you’re one of those who finds it hard to move on from past mistakes, how are you keeping up with your life then? This is a curious question so please don’t get offended. Everyone messes up, the greatest of all saints have messed up, but I don’t think they have spent the rest of their lives walking down the low road of self-pity, regret, guilt and shame. What I think they did was acknowledged their mistakes, took responsibility for them with appropriate feelings of remorse, made amends, and learned from them so they don’t happen again.

I know it isn’t that easy for everyone. It might be tough for you. But it doesn’t make any sense to let your guilt drown you in shame and beat yourselves up when the Good Lord has already forgiven you. As they say, anything past the point of learning is just needless suffering and excessive guilt. You’re not only destroying yourself but your relationship with others as well. Continue reading “Forgiving yourself shouldn’t be as hard as you think it is”


Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you

Look back at your mistakes, learn from them, and choose to change.

Every mistake is a lesson to learn.

Every failure is another step towards success.

Every setback is another opportunity to regain your strength. Continue reading “Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you”

The four words you should say to end every fight

This simple sentence can change you, your spouse, and most importantly, your marriage.

I went to a wedding for a young, happy couple who were free spirited and ready for the next step in their journey. They held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes during the ceremony, and I saw the bride whisper “I love you” to her groom. Continue reading “The four words you should say to end every fight”

5 Reasons to Forgive Your Spouse

I married my husband because he is the only I can see myself growing old with, he is the one I want to spend every year of my existence, he is the one I want to be with until my very last breath – that is, if he lives longer than me.  Continue reading “5 Reasons to Forgive Your Spouse”

8 Words That Can Save a Relationship

Keeping a relationship with someone you love – whether they are your parents, siblings, friends or a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend – means time, commitment and hard work. If you happen to find yourself losing grip of a good relationship you once had with people you truly treasure, there are some things you can do – actually, they come in words. Continue reading “8 Words That Can Save a Relationship”