With Father’s Day just right around the corner, why don’t we take the time to ponder on what truly makes a good dad!


There are many experts on fatherhood and the best ways to approach the job, but it seems to me that God gives us all the answers we need in His Word. Parenting is mentioned countless times in this book and the requirements are clearly spelled out.

  • Spiritual Leader – A dad should be an example of his family’s spiritual path.   It isn’t just a suggestion,  it’s an obligation.  Proverbs 4 is explicit about a father’s responsibility to instruct his children in the ways of God.  Take the time to read it today.
  • Family Authority – Fathers have been relegated to a lower position lately, but according to God’s book, the father is to be the head of the house.  This does not mean he should rule his family with an iron fist, but love them above all things and defend them with his very life.
  • Disciplinarian – This doesn’t mean a dad has…

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Because today is your day, my love…

I want you to know how blessed I am for having you as my husband.

I want you to know how grateful I am to be your wife and the mother of our kids.

I want you to know how diligent I pray to God to make our marriage work and sustain our love for each other because it is YOU I want to grow old with; it is YOU I want to spend the rest of my life with. Continue reading “Because today is your day, my love…”