2017 Summer Trip – Camotes Island

It’s been a while since I had an original post. With all the deadlines prior the Holy Week and summer outings with the family, I had little to no time for writing something I’m truly passionate about. So now that I’ve gotten a quick break from work because the boss is out of the country, let me share with you a few photos from our Camotes trip.

Camotes Island lies somewhere east of Cebu, Philippines. Since Cebu is well known for its beautiful beaches and one of them can be found in Camotes, it’s no surprise thousands of foreigners and tourists visit the place, especially during summer time, which starts from March and lasts until early June. I mean summer is practically all year round in the Philippines but those are the hottest months of the year. And when I say it’s hot, it’s 90 F or more than that!

We stayed in Santiago Bay Garden and Resort. For only 50USD a night (some cottages are actually as low as 20USD), the place was all worth it! So the next time you visit Philippines, or you are in Cebu, you should try Camotes Island.


If you find it expensive to eat in the resort’s restaurant, you can always opt for the food stalls lining the shore which are pleasantly populated but not overcrowded. The dishes were as amazing as the ones the restaurant would serve but for a much cheaper price. So for a group of 13 people staying for 3 days and 2 nights, it was surely a wise move. But because Mother Hen was much wiser than the rest of us, she bought fresh produce from the town’s market and would ask the cook of that certain stall to prepare the food the way she liked them for us.

And this is how the shore looks when it’s low tide.


And this is when it’s high-tide.18076486_10209064597196434_5893439908661811408_o

We drove around the island as well but failed to capture enough photos but I did take a few snaps at Lake Danao.



And before we depart from the wonderful island of Camotes, a family photo is a must. We were all in pairs except for my younger sister and brother and cousin. Even my sons come in pair!



12 thoughts on “2017 Summer Trip – Camotes Island

  1. Thanks so much for visiting The Ruminant Scribe. I am humbled by your taking the time to stop and review the post. I enjoyed reading about your family trip — the pictures are wonderful and I just closed my eyes and transported myself into them, or at least wanted to! Blessings to you today and may the Lord be close as you lead your family in His love.

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    1. Awww..You’re so sweet! Thanks for taking the time as well to read my post. I’m glad you find the photos wonderful. May the Good Lord bless you and your family richly today and the days to come!


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