Please Stop Comparing Yourself to Them

“Instead of comparing and trying to find the small flaws in each other let’s spend more time building each other up.

Let’s say a prayer for our friends and for the strangers we come in contact with so that we can all have the peace of knowing that we are so much more than a number of social media “likes” or a salary.

By following Jesus and living for His glory, you’re already doing a great job. No matter what that looks like compared to everyone else.”

For Love & Grace

Let me share a little secret with you guys: I am SO guilty of comparison.

I am so guilty of sitting up at night comparing my failures and shortcomings to everyone around me’s amazing successes.

Isn’t it crazy that every time we start to feel less about ourselves or we fall short in one way or another it seems like everyone else is experiencing nothing other than grand successes?

Mind blowing to me, really.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends living up to their amazing potential. It makes my heart skip a beat watching my friends recognized for the amazing humans I know they are…but sometimes it is so hard not to see this life as a competition.

As guilty as I am of this, it breaks my heart seeing my friends, family or even acquaintances struggling with this same issue.

The internet, and…

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