My Plans Will Never Be Enough

“Keep the faith, loved one.

Step back, take a deep breath and soak up all of the joy that comes from knowing that the all powerful, creator of the universe not only has the knowledge of what is best for you, but will help you find it and make it your reality.

Without Him, our plans will never be enough. With Him, we will prosper in ways only He can imagine.”

For Love & Grace

I am so thankful that my plans will never be enough.

I have always been the girl with a plan.

The girl who knew the exact path her life was going to take and the exact decisions I would make to ensure I got the most out of this beautiful, crazy existence.

I would sit up at night stressing and dwelling on what the next month, the next year, or the next chapter would entail.

The problem with my thinking was that I foolishly put my ability to know what was best for me ahead of God’s all-knowingness.

I ignored the obvious signs and hints from Him that maybe I was not making the best decisions.

I ignored His voice in my head whispering:

“Hey beloved, you’re worth more than this, the plans I have for you are so much more vast than you could even imagine.”

I woke up…

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