Finding Purpose in “Me Time”

“So, I encourage you to find your magical hidden time world (we all have one) and dedicate it to God. Dedicate it to the greater purpose He has for your life. It’s the best ‘me time’ you’ll ever have and the best part is, your life around your time alone with God will be so much more fruitful and purpose filled. He came to give us an abundant life! (John 10:10) Choose today to tap into it.”

As a stay at home mom of 3 wee little ones, it can be hard to find any time for myself. Am I right, mommas? Whether it’s running around making sure my boys don’t get a major head injury from climbing their bunk beds, to cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and in between all of that having to stop everything I’m doing to sit down and breastfeed. Whether you’re a working mom or staying at home, it can seem like every second is taken up. Even potty breaks aren’t private anymore. True story.

I used to give God this excuse when it came to making time for prayer and reading His word. Like, hello creator of the universe… can’t you see I don’t even shower anymore. (Total joke, guys. Hygiene is awesome.) Besides, I was satisfied with the daily prayer/word time I have with my husband in the evening.

Until one…

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