Parents – Unite 

“When we stand together, support each other and let the world know the ups, downs and the hardships of being a parent in todays society, and share the moments that make us proud to be who we are, then we might just begin to spread the love to other parents across the globe and have a real effect on people’s lives.”

Thousands of Parents out there are putting pen to paper and I think it’s bloody brilliant.
So many of us are doing it all over the world.

yoga lovers, wine drinkers, shopaholics, vegans, football fans, netflix junkies, potty mouths, supermodels, teachers, house wives, builders, baking enthusiasts, business owners, singers, the couple down the road, doctors, lawyers, those who knit, the good the bad and the ugly!

The list is endless.

We are all so different. We aren’t defined by parenthood. We have our own passions and quirky lives. But parenthood is what unites us.

What do we stand for?

Well that is a good question…

We aren’t just a bunch of insta wankers posting cute pics of our kids and the occasional glass of vino to show we can have fun too, we are normalising 21st century parenting.

We are showing the world there is no wrong and right way…

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