The paradoxical nature of life

What is light? The opposite of darkness or the absence of it? What is beauty? The opposite of ugliness? But what about strength and weakness? Wealth and poverty? Health and sickness?

Our philosophy pretty much makes use of opposites. We like to name, define, describe, and measure. Everything has a price. Nothing seems to have any value.

If you are this, then you can’t be that. Either this, either that…

Someone is beautiful, rich, famous, kind, patient…

Someone else is exactly the opposite.

This seems a bit wrong to me.

I come from suffering. I come from pain and sickness. A great deal of discomfort. If it’s not about me, then it’s about the world around me. Their pain and suffering causes me to suffer as well. Injustice makes me angry. So does cruelty. I go to bed and fall asleep thinking of ways to end these things. So I can stop being angry.

But I am also happy. When I listen to a song I love on repeat. When I workout. When I write. When I help out someone. When I give people advice.

How can this be?

We are all paradoxical.

Source: The paradoxical nature of life


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