Wishful Wednesday: If only I could stop time

My second son, Benjamin (we call him Bien for short), wearing a gray shirt, loves trains and anything blue.

So my second son just turned four on Saturday. As my sons blew the candle together, (unless we want to witness a nonstop tussle over nonsense stuff for the rest of the day, the boys need to blow the candle together regardless of whose birthday we are celebrating in the family, whether it’s mine, my husband’s or my parents’) I couldn’t stop smiling and think to myself how fast time flies. I was only 22 when I became a first-time mom, pretty much fresh from college, and now I have two little men at home, with the first one entering primary school this year.

I mean, it’s still January and classes normally start mid-year in the Philippines so technically there are still five more months before the new school year starts. But c’mon guys, it’s primary school. I think it’s a huge milestone for our kids that we parents need to recognize. And more often than not, kids practice their independence to a whole new level at this stage.

And next thing I knew, they are in high school bringing girlfriends at home, then soon enough, leaving our house to pursue University in another city. OK, I’m being dramatic.

But can they please stop growing so fast for a while? Can they not just be like these cuddly little humans they are right now who love to shower mom with kisses and hugs for many more years?

I know it’s impossible. So while I’m still stuck with these naughty tykes, not that I’m complaining, I’ll savor each moment with them until the time comes they would rather hang out with their friends than with their graying momma. And while my darling sons are out with their buddies, I’ll be with my equally graying husband traveling the world – because I’m positive like that.

13 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday: If only I could stop time

  1. Enjoy every minute because they do grow up way to fast. It only seems a few years ago my sons were the ages your sons are now. At this point mine are 32, 30 and 26! Where is the world have those years gone?


    1. Wow! You’ve got three males in the family (not including the husband). You must have some pretty tough days back then.
      I only have two and they can be pretty annoying many times in a day. But still, I wouldn’t trade these headaches for the world.

      Thanks for your lovely comment! 🙂

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      1. You are so right! It was a great day when I got my first daughter in law. I did not feel quite so outnumbered then.
        My grandma used to say, “Can’t live with them…..can’t live without them.” LOL


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