Darling…Love Yourself 

The Anxiety Chronicles

Look at yourself and appreciate your beauty. Appreciate your strengths and perseverance. 

Look at yourself, not in the light of other people’s opinions and issues, but in the light of your acceptance and courage.

What people say about you or think about you is not your problem. It is there problem. Continue living your life in a way that pleases you and eventually you’ll realize that what people perceive of you no longer matters.

Look in the mirror and feel the warmth in your smile; get lost in the shine of your eyes…

Don’t worry that you look different; don’t worry if you’re over weight or under weight; don’t worry if you’re too emotional or too sensitive; don’t worry if you’re different…

Being different can be such a blessing. Learn to embrace it. Learn to embrace yourself. 

So please, today, tomorrow and the days that follow, find time to love…

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