You are loved – today, tomorrow, and even the day after

Please know that you are loved, not just today, not only during your birthday, or because the season calls it for. You are loved every single day of the year. You are loved in many ways you don’t understand. You are loved without ifs and buts. You are loved despite your mistakes. You are loved regardless of your failure. You are loved no matter how many poor choices you’ve made. You are loved simply because you are the Father’s child. Continue reading “You are loved – today, tomorrow, and even the day after”


Finding true joy in love

Pass on the love you have received and experience the truest of joy.

A stored up love will only melt away.

A chained love will find a way to break free.

A stolen love will end up being a fantasy.

However, allow love to blossom on its own, and it will stay by your side. Love knows its place and finds its own room to grow. Do not hoard it. Do not locked it up. Do not grab onto it. Let it flow freely.

When you pass on love, it will ultimately multiply beyond measure.