What’s Your Take on Cheating?

“The unfaithful often refuse to accept personal responsibility for their actions and instead, they resort to trying to make you feel as if somehow your actions or inactions are to blame. Don’t buy into it! It is never your fault. It was their choice to cheat; therefore, they shoulder 100% of the blame. If there was something you were or were not doing that was causing so much of an issue, they should have come to you first. If the issue couldn’t be resolved, they had one of the following two choices to make: leave then or stay and try to work it out. Either way, cheating on you should not have been one of those options.” -Mr. Amari Soul


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Take on Cheating?

  1. Great post, there is no excuse for cheating and the unfaithful person is definitely responsible. I believe cheating is an awful thing to do, if you believe the relationship is not going well and want to get with someone else, leave the relationship you are currently in. Check out my post when you get the chance 🙂


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