The 7 Steps I Took to Move Past My Failures and Reach Success

“Nothing truly meaningful is achieved on the first attempt, and if that’s where you stop, then failure is all you will have.”

So this is the first message that popped up on my personal email this morning. I’ve been missing a lot of messages for the past few months and would rather delete them than go through each one of them – except for the ones I found spiritually uplifting. 

Apparently, with all these idle hours at work, I decided to check them. Boy was I lucky, I got one super inspiring message at the start of my shift.

So what does this mean to me?

Life is never a smooth ride, bumpy roads are there for sure. Rocky, muddy, and foggy, at times. But it is up to us to cross them no matter how impassable they seem. We may trip on the curb, fall down, scratch our knees, or bruise our legs in this journey, but never should we give up.

We will definitely fail. After all, nobody in this world has ever reached true success without failing at something at some point in their life.

Failure occupies a good amount of space in our life. It is natural. It is inescapable. It is bound to happen.

There’s no point of fearing failure. Failure happens because we want to grow, we want to explore, we want to learn more and we want answers to our problems.

Unless we just want to stay exactly where we are right now, stunted and contained in our own box, failure won’t come our way.

Failure is one of the main ingredients in the recipe for success. It is what makes success truly pleasurable, enjoyable and delightful.

Yes, failure stings, it shakes our confidence, it crushes our soul, it takes our hope away, and has even the power to make us feel like our lives are over. But there are millions of ways to overcome it.

I’ve failed countless times. A few left a mark. Most already forgotten. But lessons are learned and applied. So how was I able to move past my failures?

I succumb to it.

I wallow as much as I want, lasting to few hours or days, depending on its weight. I feel it. I accept it. I don’t deny it. I cry. I get emotional. I release as many negative feelings as possible out of my system until there’s nothing left. Then I get up, tackle the next move and continue the journey.

I recognize it.

Failure is a necessary part of my life and there’s no denying it. It happens to everyone of us. And because of this belief, I find comfort knowing that I’m not alone in my endeavour. More often than not, my mishaps pale in comparison to those who have left a legacy. Say, Steve Jobs, for example.

I admit the defeat.

Many of us tend to blame others or outside factors for our failure, when in fact, we hold the responsibility to our actions. Until we take responsibility in some capacity, moving on is one formidable challenge.

I share my story.

I see no use of hiding it when everyone around me feels my negative vibe. I talk to my closest friends to make me feel better. It probably would hurt more if I don’t take the load off my brain and express myself. Besides, I don’t think anyone has successfully navigated life alone. We need each one to survive life’s uncertainties.

I take failure as an opportunity.

Regardless of how big or small I deem my failure is, I take it as an opportunity to grow as an individual. I believe that in each setback there’s always a glimmer of hope that shines and growth only begins at the end of our comfort zone. Failure will not break me apart, instead, it will shape me so I can become the better version of myself.

I look at my accomplishments.

If only there are road maps for dealing with life. If only reaching success is a smooth ride. If only I can avoid mistakes. But that is not what life is about. As a human being, I’m bound to mess up – for how many times? I couldn’t tell. Yes, it can be disheartening, but I do not quit. I just look at what I have done and where I have gotten, and this gives me the courage to push harder. Eventually, I will succeed if I do not give up.

I let go.

Because no matter how much I try, there are just some things that cannot be changed. And so I come to realization to let go of those things beyond my control. Finding the courage to set free those things I cannot change is one of the most hope-filled experiences in my life. Also, it is easier to let go of something than try to change it.

And so I leave you with this message:

You will stumble. You will get hurt. You will cry. You will stop for a while. But stand up, brush off the dust, wash the wound, and heal yourself, then start moving forward again. Just keep moving – that’s what matters. And remember, you are not your failure. While your actions may define you, your failures do not. The actions you take to overcome your failure and achieve success is what will define you in the end.

Life is good and that’s how it should be.

Thanks for reading. I hope you get inspired. 🙂


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