What’s Your Take on Cheating?

“The unfaithful often refuse to accept personal responsibility for their actions and instead, they resort to trying to make you feel as if somehow your actions or inactions are to blame. Don’t buy into it! It is never your fault. It was their choice to cheat; therefore, they shoulder 100% of the blame. If there was something you were or were not doing that was causing so much of an issue, they should have come to you first. If the issue couldn’t be resolved, they had one of the following two choices to make: leave then or stay and try to work it out. Either way, cheating on you should not have been one of those options.” -Mr. Amari Soul


25 Quotes about Comfort Zone That Will Certainly Motivate You to Push Past It

We all have our contained spaces where everything feels comfortable, convenient and safe. But if we take it from the experts, leaving our comfort zones can be one of the most rewarding experiences we can gain in life. So, if pushing past your comfort zone frightens you to death, let these quotes rid of your fear and helps you to step out of the cage you were once held captive in. Continue reading “25 Quotes about Comfort Zone That Will Certainly Motivate You to Push Past It”

The 7 Steps I Took to Move Past My Failures and Reach Success

“Nothing truly meaningful is achieved on the first attempt, and if that’s where you stop, then failure is all you will have.”

So this is the first message that popped up on my personal email this morning. I’ve been missing a lot of messages for the past few months and would rather delete them than go through each one of them – except for the ones I found spiritually uplifting.  Continue reading “The 7 Steps I Took to Move Past My Failures and Reach Success”

4 Warning Signs You are Drifting from God

Overwhelmed with life’s perplexities that you are slowly turning away from the Creator? God created us in His image, with a mind to focus on Him, a heart to love Him above all else, and a will to obey Him at all times – in order for us Christians to have a satisfying, personal relationship with Him.  Continue reading “4 Warning Signs You are Drifting from God”

5 Valuable Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Grandparents

Our relationship with our grandparents is a precious one. While it is undeniable that they can be authoritative at some points, they also get to spoil us in many ways our parents can’t. Beyond those baked goods, toys, tons of hugs and kisses and unconditional love, it is them imparting lessons we can find valuable in a lifetime. Continue reading “5 Valuable Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Grandparents”

15 Wonderful Quotes for Mother’s Day

Because the second Sunday of May is dedicated for mothers in most parts of the world, including the Philippines, I thought of sharing all the lovely messages and quotes I’ve compiled for the past years (since I became a mother) to all of the mothers out there.

But, of course, this messages are not just for Mother’s Day – let your moms know how much you are grateful for them, how special they are, and how much you love them any other day of the year.

Continue reading “15 Wonderful Quotes for Mother’s Day”