Tying the Knot

I’m moving every single post I find valuable in my other blog. So I guess this one should go first since getting hitched is one of the most memorable experiences I ever had in my entire existence. Who doesn’t by the way? Plus, today’s the 27th of the month, which means a year and 3 months since we tied the knot.

Now let’s get started…

I’m a December bride, first and foremost, probably because that’s the best time of the year where families gather. So getting married December of 2014 was never planned at all, let alone had been discussed, and nearly everything was accomplished in a rush. By this, I mean signing the papers two nights before the day. The main plan I and my husband had was a garden wedding mid year of 2015, but since our eldest son, PJ, would be going to school that same year, we need to have his and Bien’s names fixed – so as to avoid inconvenience in the future. Even more so the confusion that may cause the kids to wonder why their surname is same as mine and not their father’s. Since we have not much time left and the processing for legitimization can reach up to 6 months, we needed to hasten the papers for the wedding and be married asap.

So why my husband’s hometown for the venue?

First is we don’t have a “yaya” (aka babysitter) and a household help to whom I can leave my kids behind while we process the documents. Second, my husband’s uncle is the head of the local civil registrar in their town, hence the quick and zero-cost processing of papers even without our presence. Lastly, because of the long holiday, my kins can celebrate the wedding with us despite the distance.

Now to the deeper details of the wedding, we thought of doing the civil ceremony by the beach. We have actually reserved the venue two weeks prior our planned date, however, we couldn’t finalize it because of the mayor’s schedule. To cut the story short, the mayor said yes to our desired day but he is only available up to 6 am. Yes, 6 am, that’s how busy he was that day. And he insisted on doing the ceremony at his house. It was actually his first time to use his own place since all the weddings he officiated were done at the couples’ house or in their desired venue. It was kinda unfair really.
By 5:40 am all of us were already prepared and dressed up. The civil wedding started at 6 am as promised, and lasted for about 20 minutes only. And we walked back home. My in-laws’ house is approximately 10 meters away from the mayor’s. So the wedding was not just planned in a rush but was done in haste as well.
Now for the reception, we couldn’t have it as early as 6 am. We couldn’t just wake our visitors up and tell them to have breakfast at the resort. We were only able to finalize our reservation and menu on the 24th after the mayor had confirmed the date. . So after the civil ceremony, we ate breakfast at home, took a nap, and headed at the resort for the wedding reception/lunch. It was actually more of a lunch gathering with family and close relatives.
Why did we choose Aroma Beach Resort? Well, there’s no other place in this town that has a function hall for special occasions. Not only it has a good accommodation, it also offers a nice view. Despite the LPA, we had a great time, especially my two boys.
To end this blog, I want to thank the Lord God above all else for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity inspite of the mishaps along the way. To my family for being able to celebrate this wonderful day with us. To my in-laws and the rest of my husband’s relatives for the support, love and accommodation.
“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.” – Matthew 19:6

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