Live a Happy Life: 3 Good Reasons to Pursue Your Passion Today

Do you think it’s important to pursue your passion? If so, is it wise to chase after your passion even if it means leaving your dreadful day job that makes you earn thousands of dollars in a month?

Such a hard decision, right?

And this, for sure, is not a just any ordinary decision you can do overnight.

Was there even a single person who has gone for his or her passion without sacrificing something in return?

I guess, no one.

After all, going for what you truly desire requires some sacrificing on the sides, which is probably why a lot of people have chosen to give up their passion.

It is one thing to quit because you’ve lost interest on that certain passion, and it is another to quit because it seems impractical.

Let me tell you this, what you may sacrifice on the process of pursuing your passion is nothing compared to its end result. Even if following your dreams is the last thing on your bucket list, it will always be practical to nurture and develop your passion. Why? Because it does not only mean learning your true self, but also improving that part of you.

Pursuing your passion doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job and turning your love of something, probably painting, photography or baking into a full-time career.

While we may or may not turn our passion into a business, having some inspirational passion infused in our lives as we battle everyday’s turmoil may be good enough to help us survive the day. I believe that keeping ourselves engaged in activities we find meaningful will not only give us agile minds as we age but will also allow us to appreciate life better – helping us find great meaning and purpose as we tackle life’s adversities.

That said, here are some good reasons that will encourage you to pursue your passion – that is if you still feel doubtful why pursuing your passion is a good decision you need to make.

True Success

“Every successful person in life began by pursuing a passion, usually against all odds.” – Kim Kiyosaki

I believe true success comes after achieving the things you most desire. If we are able to attain what we desire the most, even if it doesn’t have any monetary value, we would certainly feel proud. Don’t you agree? Especially when it comes to our work. A truly successful person is someone who will take a great deal of pride in achieving his or her aspirations – paid or unpaid.

I know money matters these days, which is probably why countless people define success by the size of their bank account. While money is a reasonable goal to have, it doesn’t have to be the chief factor of success. Sure, we need money to keep ourselves and our family alive, but here’s the thing: if we are really passionate about the things we do, chances are money will just follow.

Strength and Enthusiasm

I don’t think anyone would feel disappointed after being able to accomplish their goals, especially if it is something they truly worked hard for. Similar when we are able to pursue our passion, we would feel delighted, enthusiastic, or even ecstatic. And as we let these positive traits flow in our being, we allow ourselves to gain enough strength to overcome the obstacles that will surely arise in the process of achieving our greater dreams.

Also, the more happiness we have, the more we are motivated to work harder at improving ourselves. And as such, we get better at the things we do. If this involves money, time will definitely allow us to reap the monetary value of our hard work. Just wait. Be patient.

Joy and Fulfillment

Above all else, when you spend your time, energy and resources on the things that matter most to you, you’ll fill your life with bliss. Whether it is about doing your hobbies, spending more time with your family, hanging out with friends, or even doing household chores, if it’s something you are passionate about, you’ll find real joy and fulfillment.

Ensuring we are passionate about the things we do, may it be our career or not, will give us a meaningful life (and a good chance of being paid well). No matter what you do in life, one ultimate way to have a happy life is to follow your passion. Remember, it will all be worth your while to turn your passion into fruition.

Life is short. If ever you find yourself contemplating when’s the perfect time to follow your passion, the moment is now. Do something that matters to you. It is never too late to dream big, dream bigger and go after them.

As Carmen Sakurai quotes: “Stop waiting for the perfect time to pursue your dreams; you have just what you need to begin right now.”

I may not be so sure of what my ultimate passion were before, but I was definitely absolute that time that following my passion and doing what inspired me is something I’d surely be grateful for when I look back at my life.

“It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It is also a very clear path to happiness.” – Sheryl Sandberg


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