8 Good Ways to Make Your World a Positive Reflection of Yourself

Like it or not, the world you see is simply a reflection of yourself. Your reality is a mirror of what you think, feel and believe you deserve – often on an unconscious level. In other words, what you see going around in your outer world is merely a representation in a deeper context of what is happening in your inner core.

So it goes without saying that if you are positively overwhelmed with feelings of love for your friends and family, you’ll experience the same feelings of love your friends and  family have for you. If you see things positively despite the chaotic environment you live in, you’ll still be able to appreciate the good side of life. While it is inevitable for negativity to arise, you don’t allow it to have an effect on you. On the other hand, if all you see in your world is disharmony, oppression and conflicts, chances are there’s an inner battle happening within your deeper self.

“The world is a looking-glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it will, in turn, look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly kind companion.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

Yes, you are the ultimate reason for whatever you adore or despise about yourself – you hold 100% responsibility for it. It’s your choice, but then again, you always have the power to turn things around and make it better (or worse) for you.

So, how do you make your world a positive reflection of yourself?

  1. Look for the good.

Easier said than done. However, unbelievably, when you look for the good no matter the circumstance, you will (more often than not) find it. A positive person recognizes the negative and the bad, but refuses to dwell on it. Positive thinking is a form of thought that enable an individual to look for the best outcome from the worst scenarios. It is never impossible to look for the good; to experience the best for yourself despite how terrible things seem to be. And the remarkable fact is that when you seek good, you will get it.

“You gotta look for the good in the bad, the happy in your sad, the gain in your pain, and what makes you grateful not hateful.” – Karen Salmansohn

  1. Stop hating.

It is harder to take charge of your external world than your internal state. That said, eliminate as much hatred as possible within you before you start doing it to the outer world. However, trying to wash off the hatred in the entire world is significantly harder – and impossible. So if you want to stop feeling miserable, stop hating. Just stop. That’s all. And in time, you’ll see that your reality will reflect that new perspective. The external hatred will eventually be replaced by its opposite – love and appreciation.

“When you hate something, you chain yourself to it.” – Steve Maraboli

  1. Accept failures.

Don’t allow failures to stop you from moving forward nor your fears to hold you back from doing what you want. You will always make mistakes. Mistake is what makes us truly human. The same thing goes for fear. There will always be feelings of fear. Whenever you feel like giving up or are too scared to move ahead, just think what makes you start the journey in the first place. When you stumble, stand up. Don’t be too hard or too harsh on yourself. Learn to accept your mistakes and overcome your fear, only then will you be able to take chances and pursue your desires.

Becoming a positive person does not mean you can never experience any negative emotion or face any negative situation. It is the overall attitude that matters. Don’t get bogged down by failure, and disappointed when your expectations are not met.

“Don’t forget that you are human. It’s okay to have a meltdown. Just don’t unpack and live there. Cry it out and then refocus on where you are headed.” – Anonymous

  1. Focus on what you want.

Keep your thoughts on the things you want, not on what you don’t want. Create a picture of them in your mind and make them very clear and precise. Keep holding onto them and focus on them in a positive way, until you are able to grasp them for real. Also, if you focus your mind on the good things you already have in your life, chances are they will increase and improve in your life.

“Think continually about what you want, not about the things you fear.” – Brian Tracy

  1. Take action.

Follow your positive thoughts with positive actions. It is not enough to think, you need to do something to make things happen. Fulfill your dreams step by step with faith, feelings, intention and of course, focus – until all of them come true. Above all else, always tell yourself, “I can”, “I am able, “I can do it”.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

  1. Go slowly.

Take things slowly and easy. Not everything you want can happen in a snap of a finger and some of them may not happen at all. Moving around in your world really quickly may just end up things not so well. This may also create chaos in your mind. But if you go slowly, it will be easier to think things through and in turn allows you to think clearly and find things in a new perspective. It will also help if you’ll learn to accept the fact that certain things won’t go as you plan or won’t be right for you – no matter how much you work hard for them.

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

  1. Keep an open mind.

Good or bad, people will always have something to tell you, then might as well keep an open mind. Naturally, we dislike being disapproved of. It stings when people disagree with us. So if you cannot open your mind to the ideas and beliefs of others and find it impossible to accept what they believe in, you’ll end up feeling very distressed and upset when people oppose you.

However, being open minded allows you to listen and accept what other may think otherwise. It wouldn’t hurt you knowing their opinions. In fact, you would embrace the difference, understand it to your capacity, and become flexible in your approach. You’re comfortable with the differences and adapt positively to change.

“An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it.” – Mark Twain

  1. Let go fully.

It will never be easy to drop all these feelings of resentment within. Holding onto your anger to make the person you are upset at realize that they have done you wrong is not something new. What may surprise you is that hanging yourself up on something that pains you within may ignite more hatred in your inner core. When you are angry with someone, the resentment is onto yourself more than that is onto the person you are having issues with.

That said, regardless of how much people hurt you, put you down, belittle you, backstab you, or fool you around – never hold onto anger. You may be raging inside, but it’s only when you let go you can absolutely free your soul from deeper pain.

“Hate is heavy, let it go.” – R.M. Drake


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